Misty Mountain Phants

Yvette and Bill Strand have been breeding Uroplatus phantasticus and many other assorted reptiles for years and Yvette has become an accomplished phant breeder who frequently has available geckos. She is a solid and honest breeder who I strongly recommend.


The Chameleon Academy

Expert chameleon keeper, breeder, and educator Bill Strand has built this truly exceptional website where you can learn all aspects of chameleon keeping from the basics to the advanced. He also hosts a hosts a podcast covering various aspects of Chameleon care and husbandry, much of which is directly applicable to Uroplatus. He even has an episode  specifically on Leaf-tailed Geckos. The quality of his website is truly exceptional and his podcasts far exceeds anything else I've ever listened to in the world of 'podcasting', and I would encourage every Uroplatus keeper to take a look and have a listen.


Gargoyle Geckos, Day Geckos, Crested Geckos, and more.

Day Geckos, Leopard Geckos, and much more.

Julie at the Gecko Ranch is an outstanding all around resource for gecko enthusiasts of all experience levels. I've personally known Julie for over 20 years and when it comes to Gecko husbandry she is an authority, and honest straight shooter. She also hosts a shipping clinic at her web site which describes in detail how to properly ship geckos.  In addition to her captive bred geckos, the Gecko Ranch is a supplier of powdered Crested Gecko Diet.


Uroplatus Specialties

For other C.B. Uroplatus including U. sikorae, U. fimbriatus, U. henkeli, and U. lineatus, contact my friend Jay Markert. He's got over a decade of experience with Uroplatus and he'll treat you right.


Gecko networking and additional related care sheets:

Geckos Unlimited hosts a gecko forum and resource center with an enormous volume of information on gecko husbandry.  It is a very active forum with an international membership of knowledgeable gecko keepers. They also have an active classified section and good resource links:


Uroplatus phantasticus care sheet:

Click on the link below for an extremely detailed care sheet covering all aspects for the care of Satanic Leaf-tailed Geckos.  The author, Mike Martin, has done an exceptional job in documenting the husbandry needs of this unique animal. It's actually quite comparable to a booklet and is the most complete and accurate 'Care Sheet' I have ever seen.



Other recommended Uroplatus breeders

California Herps

This site is the definitive place to go for anyone interested in the Reptiles and Amphibians of California. The site is the work of Gary Nafis who manages to keep the site up to date on allthe constant changes in taxonomy and all things related. It's like a field guide that never gets outdated.

HERP is the Herpetological Education and Research Project.  The project is an effort to bring together amateurs and professionals to collect data on North America's herpetofauna. The data is available by request for valid research purposes only.

This is also a great site to use for managing your Herpetology 'Life list'.


Field Herping Sites:

Audra at Lick Your Eyeballs has bred a large variety of reptiles and amphibians, but specializes in Geckos and frequently offers up a good variety. In addition to her personal collection, she's a reptile keeper/caretaker at the prestigious California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Audra's been a personal trusted friend for years and before she moved, she was the go to person to care of our geckos when we were away.


USA Uroplatus phantasticus breeders and Keepers

Here is a Facebook page established by Alexandria Thiessen to bring together keepers and breeders of Satanic Leaf-tailed geckos. It's a good place to exchange ideas and meet other keepers.

Click on the photo for the link.